2018 Sailor Lineup

Hello there!

My name is Melissa and I’m a stationery fan, particularly of (modern) drafting mechanical pencils, fountain pens and system planners.

This website showcases a selection of items on sale from my private collection. Please understand that I’m a self-confessed stationery hogger, not a specialized collector nor commercial seller. I go through phases of interest and start hogging things of similar characteristics, and then once it passes, attempt to get rid of them for the next shiny thing.

In short, please consider this as an online garage sale so there will no returns or aftercare support. If you have doubts or concerns, please inquire before purchasing - I won't bite and more than happy to meet another stationery fan.

I’m not a big social person (both online and offline) so I’m unable to dazzle you with confidence & connections but you can find me posting occasionally on Instagram as @hiddenmelz. I have also sold many items with members of the Toronto Pens & Pints group as well as on eBay as tortau2 (since 2005) with a 100% positive feedback profile.

The Listings

You can find fountain pens, mechanical pencils, leather storage goods, and all sorts of daily-use stationery items.