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Apica CD Notebook Wear Cover

  • Price: CAD$ 15

Used for a short period of time when I was looking for a decent A5 cover. It’s very durable.

Apica Premium C.D. Notebook - A5 Lined

  • Price: CAD$ 12

Brand new and never used. I no longer need it.

B5 Shitajiki (Writing Boards)

Brand new, factory sealed.

  • Price: CAD$ 5/each
  • Quantity: 3

Dinosaur Paper Clips

Cute metal dinosaur clips that I picked up at a museum in Japan. Produced by Colorata.

They range from 5 to 6cm in size so they are quite large. Please specify which design you’d like to purchase.

  • Price: CAD$ 1/each
  • Color: Bronze

Ink Stamp Pads

  • Price: CAD$ 3/each

Lihit Lab “Leather Image” Twist Ring - A5 Size

  • Price: CAD$ 15

Brand new, factory sealed. The cover made of a thick piece of synthetic leather and includes 30 pages of lined paper.

Comes with 30 loose leaf paper. More details available at Lihit Lab’s website.

Lihit Lab Twist Ring Notebook Punch

  • Price: CAD$ 20

Like new condition, in original box. Works for A5, B5 and A4 paper.

More information available at Lihit Lab’s website.

Rhodia Glued Spine Notebook Dot-Grid Soft-Cover - A5

  • Price: SOLD

Brand new and never used. I no longer need it.

Rhodia Glued Spine Notebook Lined Soft-Cover - A5

  • Price: CAD$ 10/each

Brand new, factory sealed, never used. I no longer need it.

Rhodia Paper Pad No. 18 (Lined) - A4 Size

  • Price: CAD$ 7.50

Brand new, never used. I no longer need it.

Rhodia Dot-Grid Webnotebook - A5

  • Price: SOLD

Brand new, factory sealed, never used. Hard-cover. I no longer need it.

San-K Ligne Clip - Box of 10 (S size)

Brand new box of 10 lean clips produced by San-K (Japan). These are gold colored and more details available at their website.

  • Price: CAD$ 10 (one box with 10 clips)

Tsubame Fools A5 Notebook - 100 pages

  • Price: CAD$ 10.

Line spacing is 7mm with 24 lines per page. Book contains a total of 100 pages.

Brand new, never used. I no longer need it.

United Bees Diary Band with Genuine Leather (Fits A6, B6, and A5)

  • Price: CAD$15

Never used, but package has been opened. I was supposed to use it but when I ended up buying a notebook cover with a zipper, I no longer needed it.

The pictures above are from the official listing. The band is still in the original packaging, but it has been unsealed.